Our Mission

The mission of the DBMF is to honor the life of Denny Buehler by assisting members of our community who are in need due to a catastrophic health event.


Since 1980, the DBMF has provided assistance to members of the local community who are in financial need, especially to families dealing with catastrophic health events. When struggling to make ends meet in the face of mounting medical bills, over 50 families and individuals have received direct financial assistance from the DBMF.


As an expansion of the original mission, the DBMF, through its affiliation with RIP Medical Debt, has established a goal of forgiving $1 million in medical debt to Cincinnati area families by 2020.

Through our partnership with RIP Medical Debt, the DBMF locates, purchases and anonymously forgives bulk medical debt. For tax deduction purposes we cannot yet help with individual debt

Denny Buehler

Denny Buehler