1.       Does money from the Denny Buehler Memorial Tournament go to abolishing medical debt?

No, the money from the DBMT will go to an individual or family, as in the past. The Denny Buehler Memorial Tournament has always helped individuals directly and will continue to do so. We will use other fundraising methods to abolish medical debt.

2.       Can you purchase and forgive my medical debt?

We are unable to seek out medical debt belonging to specific individuals. When we purchase medical debt, identifying information is hidden from us until after the purchase is complete. Think of our debt forgiveness as a random act of kindness.

3.       Whose debt is being forgiven?

We will forgive medical debt belonging to people and families that are unable to pay due to low income or financial hardship.

4.       My debt has been forgiven. Do I need to declare this as income?

When we forgive medical debt it is considered to be a gift from a disinterested third party and is NOT considered income. Neither the DBMF nor RIP Medical Debt will file a 1099-C with the IRS.

4.       Does money from the Denny Buehler Memorial Tournament go to debt forgiveness?

No, money from the tournament will still help an individual or family in our community who is struggling making ends meet because of medical bills.